Monday, September 27, 2010


Glad it is Monday. Ken's friend from high school and his wife came to visit this weekend. They got their own hotel room but even with that it made for a somewhat exhausting weekend. Just on the go the whole time. I was glad to say good-bye last night. The rest of the evening Kenny and I just zoned out. I think Kenny is slowing down a little. He sleeps in much later than before...takes a nap...

He is exclusively using his wheelchair now. It can make for difficulties when going to people's homes who are not set up for that. Life.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time is ticking

I can hardly believe that time is passing by so quickly. I am not too computer literate, so even a blog can overwhelm. But I have bigger things in my life that worry me now. Kenny is getting weaker fast. He fell on Saturday...hard hit on the head. A trip to emergency, stitches, concussion. He is getting better but his head is still dull.

He is in a wheelchair now almost full time. How can that be? He thought he had carpel tunnel in September...wheelchair. This is too much.

Had lunch with Nate today. We had a good conversation about my future without Kenny. He offered me to live with them for awhile. Very sweet, but no way. I would not like that although I may sleep on the couch for a few nights! I must admit that the first night in this house without my Kenny will be suffocatingly hard. At least that is how I imagine it.