Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time is ticking

I can hardly believe that time is passing by so quickly. I am not too computer literate, so even a blog can overwhelm. But I have bigger things in my life that worry me now. Kenny is getting weaker fast. He fell on Saturday...hard hit on the head. A trip to emergency, stitches, concussion. He is getting better but his head is still dull.

He is in a wheelchair now almost full time. How can that be? He thought he had carpel tunnel in September...wheelchair. This is too much.

Had lunch with Nate today. We had a good conversation about my future without Kenny. He offered me to live with them for awhile. Very sweet, but no way. I would not like that although I may sleep on the couch for a few nights! I must admit that the first night in this house without my Kenny will be suffocatingly hard. At least that is how I imagine it.

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