Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just another Sunday

I ended up going to the doctor on Thursday. She was recommended to me from Ken's hospice nurse. I wanted to walk in and get a prescription for something to make me feel better but she had me go through a whole bunch of other physical testing too. Blood tests. Two week follow-up. "Just give me the pills"! I came home with a two week sample and hemmed and hawed to Kenny as to whether I was really going to do it or not. Right about the time I was having another melt down Kenny had me take a pill right then and there. Poor Kenny. He is not a "pill guy" so I know he probably is looking for some relief of his own.

It is Sunday, so I have only been taking this pill since Thursday, but I will say this....I DO feel calmer. I usually dread going to church on Sunday mornings because we are always late and I am totally stressed walking out of our door. I usually am in tears driving there, and the whole service is spent either battling tears or just decompressing from a stressful morning. tears! No stress really. We were 20 minutes problem. We'll get there when we get there. Hey...I like this! The truth is I have many calm moments in the course of a week....just less and less. So, time will tell ultimately if this is going to make a difference. All I know I think it did.

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