Thursday, March 31, 2011


A lot of things seem to be changing....some for the good, and some not. For one, I feel I am doing better emotionally. I am not so on the edge these last few days. I feel I have gotten some margin back. So...a good change from the previous weeks.

But Kenny...he is changing too. I see him getting tired. Very tired. His eyes can be wide open and his body jerks like you do when you are falling asleep. He does it all the time...wide awake...but falling asleep. He naps often, and even when he is up I can see how tired he is. His voice is turning quivery. He is quieter. He has been talking in his sleep this past week and has had some dreams that leave him confused. It takes him a bit to realize what was a dream and what is real.

After the weekend with his friend Lee, he was completely wiped out. On Monday Marquita said he was falling asleep during his shower. I asked him if it was too much...visitors....too long a visit perhaps....but he said "no"...he likes to visit. He said it's not too bad to be tired....especially when he can just go to sleep. Well...that is good because we have a whole slew of visitors coming up.

Speaking of of Kenny's fraternity brothers came to visit for the day yesterday. Just a few hours really, but we gave him the grand tour. Started at lunch in Monterey and then PG, Pebble Beach, Carmel. A beautiful day and a good one to be out in. Jeff was great to get to know (he is married to Joan Lundin!) and seemed to really care and want to help if need be. Good guy. Kenny has some great fraternity brothers for sure.

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