Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Day

I was looking over some of my old photos and found this one. Our wedding day. It was a very simple wedding. Besides Kenny and I, the only people that came to the event were family members that lived close by. We didn't want to decide which friends to invite and where to draw the line, so we just said "family'. We wanted to keep it small.... and simple. We simply wanted to be married. It was held at a local restaurant that has a lovely setting. We said our vows in the gazebo with family gathered around and then went inside for our dinner reception. Perfect. The day was perfect. We were perfect. He was.... Yes, it was a great day and one that will stand out as one of my happiest days ever.

When I look at old photos of us (which, sadly, are not very old) I have warm feelings come over me. Tears do come, for sure, but I am always filled with a gratefulness for what I had. These are the times and days I want to remember. I do remember. I will always remember.

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