Monday, September 5, 2011

A Horse Called Red

Yesterday was a good day and today will be the same. In fact, I believe, all my days ahead will be a bit brighter now. I finally did it. I bought a horse and his name is Red Hot Command, but everyone calls him Red. He is a solid liver chestnut color and in the sun he has red highlights. He is not technically mine yet because I have him on a thirty day trial, but he was delivered yesterday from where his home was in Scotts Valley. He is now less than 10 minutes from my home at a stable of my choosing here in Carmel Valley. I am thrilled. He is a highly trained reining cow horse which basically means he is a much better horse than I am rider....but he will teach me and I will learn.

We brought him to his new paddock and he pranced around and all the mares from the other side of the fence came and checked him out. One mare in particular seemed to really like him, and although he is just a gelding, she was strutting her stuff and Red was quite pleased. His head would be lifted way up in the air and his upper lip was curled. He hasn't seen that kind of action for awhile since his last stall mate was a 31 year old gelding. I think he is happy. I went back later in the day to see how he was fairing and he seemed very content. I spent time with him in his paddock and since I was the only one at the stable I felt I could talk out loud and play with him. I would walk around and he would follow, I would run, and he would trot to keep up. I am looking forward to getting to know this guy and I think we've gotten off to a good start. It's really nice to have a new man in my life....and he's gorgeous to boot!

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