Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Days go by

Here we are. Summer. I can hardly believe we are almost through the month of June. Ken continues to weaken. To me, rapidly. Just January he thought he had carpel tunnel. Now he has ALS and can hardly walk. He fell yesterday in the house and almost hit his head on the fireplace hearth. He didn't seem fazed by it but I was.

We had people over last night. A spontaneous call for "Happy Hour at our house at 5"! It was great fun...about 10 of us. We all thought...why not keep this up...go to each others homes...everyone can bring an appetizer and bottle of wine. Sounds like fun to me.

Kenny and I have been referring to our place as living in the south of France. Indeed it feels like that and our lifestyle feels it to be so. We are living simply, loving life. Drinking our wine on the deck which overlooks nothing but trees and the hills beyond. My garden is yielding now. We have had the best broccoli I have ever eaten from our garden. Lettuce...just go and pick what I need for salad...I love it!

We are talking about learning the French language. Ah...won't that be sweet?

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