Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday we went to Stanford for a second opinion. I was pretty much thinking 'what's the point'? since Ken was diagnosed at UCSF with ALS. Quit a reputable place. How could they be wrong... Well...they may be...possibly.

Basically the doctor at Stanford said that Ken's is a perplexing case. He said if he was going to diagnose him based on the information he had, he would lean very much toward MMN. But since Ken did not respond to treatment, he would have to lean toward ALS. But Ken has no reflexes which seem to be the perplexing part of the ALS diagnosis. He has nothing going on with his mouth either.

Anyway...more tests. A little more time to hope. I really believe this is all going to turn out OK. Ken will be well one day. God will heal...and it will most definitely be HIM that does it. A miracle indeed.

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