Monday, June 7, 2010


We had a very fun weekend. By the end of it I was pretty "peopled out". I get that more than Kenny and think he should get himself back in the PC club to have other around him.

On Friday, I went to the lunch bunch, then Nate & C came over with kids...hung out until we left for dinner with another couple...Sat....BBQ (early...4) until Garden Party....Small group meeting for dinner. AHHH. It's Monday....a small reprieve!

I can see things a different and will only continue to get more so. Ken sat throughout the whole garden party. I got the came by to chat. I know this is how it will be from now on. I dropped him off...picked him up.... I felt edgy by the end, mostly because I was wanting down time and we still had two more events to go to (one we cancelled).

At the prayer time in our small group, Kenny prayed and was teary. I asked him about his tears after and he said he is just worried about me. That is my guy....I adore him.

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