Sunday, February 13, 2011


The days seem to be getting harder, or at least lately they have been. Hopefully things will change and it won't be so hard too much longer. I know that seems to be how life itself is. Some times are really tough, but they don't stay that way. And if you're happy and on easy street....hang's coming!

Poor Kenny. He is so sweet and tries so hard to keep me happy. Yesterday was Saturday and we were offered tickets to the AT&T. Ken is (was) a golfer, so he thought he would enjoy it. He usually goes every year since we live right here. Anyway, I so wanted our friend who offered the tickets to just take him and let me have some alone time at the house. But no...we all went and I struggled all day yesterday. I think I was overwhelmed with the thought that when things get really rough I am going to be "it".....that no one else will be able or willing to step up and help me out in the ways I really need help.

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