Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Week

Here we are at the beginning of another week. Time is flying. We had a nice weekend. Got out quite a bit actually. Friday night we met with friends at Carmel Valley Ranch. We met some new people that live close by and in the course of the conversation found out that one lady there had lung cancer. Six months to live they told her. She and Ken struck up a conversation and the next thing I know I hear Ken ask her "is your husband nice"? Oh boy....I knew where this was going. Glad her husband was not in ear shot and not really knowing this lady (although I could tell she was fun) I wasn't really sure if she might be offended with where I knew my hubby was heading. "Yes" she said and then her eyes light up, " do that too!" Ken..."can they date"?...."yes!"....oh gosh....

Ken asked me yesterday how I was doing with our "new normal" and I told him I was doing pretty well. He said he is doing well too, but it is sort of hard for him to be sleepy all the time. He does take naps more and more. He does dose in the car more. He fights to keep his eyes open at times. Yes...he struggles. But he says it's not so bad....when he gets tired, he just goes to sleep. He always sees the positive.

In an interview several months ago, Ken was asked the question if life is more intense for him it more fully now that he is on this journey. At the time he said he couldn't really claim that, but yesterday he was talking about that question and said he feels he has always lived his life that way. I think of anyone I know, Ken has truly lived a great life and enjoyed it in full measure. Even the hard stuff he has gone through he seems to see the silver lining in it all. I am so glad he can look back and feel he lived his life well. He is living his life well.....even now.

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