Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have been really busy lately. In the midst of everything that is going on with Kenny, he still seems to have more get up and go than even I do. He loves being around people where I can easily stay home. We got together with the kids on Mother's Day and Nate teasingly said "I bet you love to use Ken as an excuse to get out of things" (he knows me well). Why, yes, I have done that I suppose.... "oh, sorry....I don't think I can do that walk with you today....because Kenny...." Yes...I believe I have done that a time or two but I'm sure I really thought it was necessary at the time. The truth is I don't have a lot of "free" time so every planned event is a bigger deal than it might be if things were different. If I am going to meet a friend for lunch, I need to make sure Kenny is busy somewhere else, having his own lunch with his own friends. Only then do I feel good about leaving him for a couple of hours. But....if that lunch with my friend should get cancelled....ah....I just bought myself two free hours. Of course I can't cancel if he really is off and taken care of....but I believe there may have been a time when I thought he wasn't going to be. Silly me.

We really have been busy though. This weekend was filled with a Kentucky Derby gathering on Saturday, Sunday with kids in the afternoon and our church group that evening. Monday night we threw our own little happy hour party with some close friends and yesterday we went to the movie. This man wears me out! Today he is meeting his uncle for lunch and I am going to....not sure. I will reserve the right to decide at the moment and not make a "plan".

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