Monday, April 18, 2011

And Another Week

Tomorrow Ken's mom and her husband will be in town. We won't see them until Wednesday because they get in sort of late and will be tired. They have stayed at our house before but now they are staying at Ken's uncles house....her brother. It would be impossible for them to stay here at this point. I really haven't given it much thought on what we are going to do with them. I don't seem to live much beyond today, so anything that requires some planning somehow doesn't get accomplished until it is right upon me. I barely got my daughter-in-law's birthday gift and card to her in a timely way. It is just hard...I feel I am living in a different time zone and not in the real world.

Ken has been taking a lot of naps. I mean like half the day almost. By noon he usually has had two naps. He wakes up in the morning and sits by the side of the bed. He is sort of in a stupor....playing back dreams he had in the night and trying to make sense of them. I usually sit with him at some point and chat and of course hear about the dreams. He fights to open his eyes but it seems a losing battle. After about 45 minutes he is ready for me to lay him down again. Another hour or so of sleep, then up again for awhile before he wants to sleep again. Finally he is up and dressed and maybe out for lunch or something. Afternoon is Hospice. Then another nap. Sometimes he takes naps at tonight....a short half hour nap but enough to get him through to bedtime. Evening seems to be the time he gets a second wind. Mornings are the hardest.

Speaking of mornings, tomorrow is his photo shoot for the article that will be written on him. We have to be there at 10 and looking spiffy. It is going to be a challenge. I went to Izod today and bought him a new golf shirt for the shoot. I realized tonight when I was looking at his other shirts in the closet, that he wears an XL in golf shirts and I got him a L. Great. I hope it fits OK. I realize that we are still newlyweds and I am still learning about him. He shouldn't be leaving me shouldn't be leaving me at all.

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