Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, I did it. I got a 7 month old kitten yesterday. I wanted to see her again yesterday just to see if I still liked her as much as I did the day before. I liked her more. So, after Ken was done with his lunch at Pacheco Club, I took him back over to meet her. He liked her too. I knew he would, and any cat I would want, he would want too. So....I called Lauren and asked if she would like to come with me to Pet Smart to get all the gear to bring our new kitty home. I told her this cat would belong to ALL of us. So...she was pretty pumped thinking that SHE was getting a cat too. We did our shopping and then went to pick up "Tiger Lily". We brought her home and Lauren was in heaven. She loves all animals, but I think this may have topped the list. She is the cutest little cat, has bunny fur and really does not seem to shed much at all. Very soft, very clean. Tiger Lily seemed pretty adjusted right away and didn't seem to mind the constant attention Lauren was giving her. She hopped on Kenny's lap several times while he was in his chair and curled up between us when he sat on the couch last night. She slept right there on our bed last night without any coaxing. This kitty has jumped right into our family and I wonder why I ever hesitated in the first place. She is perfect, and the only reason I suppose for the delay was that we were waiting especially for her.

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