Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nice Words...

Ken's fraternity brother, Jeff, who was here last week, wrote an email to all the fraternity brothers giving them an update on his visit with Ken. He sent a copy to me as well and I liked what he said about "us".....

"Seeing a brother in this condition was painful but the "silver lining" is the love story that Ken and Karin share for each other. While they had dated for a few years, it was only months after their wedding that Ken received this devastating news.
Karins love and commitment for Ken during this very difficult time has given Ken some of the most loving, intimate moments of his life. As we drove around Carmel Valley, I remarked that there love and commitment to each other is stronger and more genuine than relationships that last 50 years. Trust me when I tell you that these two are soul mates and are connected at the core of their being.They spend all of their time together and should be what we all aspire to have when we exchange wedding vows and repeat the words, " for better or worse, in sickness and in health"."

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  1. Amazing! How blessed you both are to have people notice your love and devotion to one another and what a blessing it is to others!