Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fraternity Brothers

There has been a lot of back and forth emails between all the fraternity brothers. I have gotten in on it a little since a few of the emails were directed specifically to me. All of them seem so glad to know that Kenny and I have found each other. I liked what our last visitor said:

"And since I've entered the fray here, let me say this to Ken and Karin : You two are an absolutely beautiful couple. It's rare to witness the kind of tenderness you exhibit toward one another. I felt privileged to spend time with you last week. There's an extraordinary graciousness and poise when you interact, and I spent the afternoon feeling not only that you have been given a tremendous gift in one another, but that you both understand that deeply.. It made my heart very full."

Another responded to that with an email to me:

"The greatest measure of peace I feel about what Ken is battling, has been the result of seeing and hearing about the relationship between you two, and that you are right there with Ken each day, every step of the way. Thanks Chris for sharing about how you left Carmel feeling your heart was full. I felt that way reading it. It seems to be the common theme mentioned by everyone who has been privileged to spend some time in Carmel.

Karin and Kenny, you are in our prayers every day."

Another wrote to me:

"Please know that all the Chi Psi brothers – not just those you know in Ken’s class – are with you two right now.

Real fraternities, and real brotherhood, despite all the associated commotion, are really about love.

Chi Psi brothers love Ken and all you have done and are doing for him. That’s a fact, and it will never change. Please know that and tell Ken, but he already knows – he’s our brother.

YITB, (yours in the bonds)


I love the support that these guys give. They really are a brotherhood and they have extended their love to both Kenny and I. Even though most are a distance away, I feel I could call on any of them at any given time and they would be here. It really is a unique and genuine bond between these guys and I am very happy to have met most of them. last quote from my granddaughter Lauren. I got this email yesterday and thought it was cute.

Dear Grammy,I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.I love lily just as much

(Kenny too).Make sure you tell them that.Thanks for
Taking me to get T be on the same level as the cat....

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